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Creative Jewellery and Pawnshop

We are easy to locate with no hassle or long waiting period. We offer the best rates with the longest payback period. We also allow one week free grace period. So don’t be broke anymore!

Get quick cash and be qualified for our Christmas promotion for cool give –a-ways. Get money quick at Creative Jewellery and Pawnshop! Call us for more information about our rates.

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Price: $- GYD
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Enquiry Information
Name: Mr. Raphael Jewellery User's Image
Business Name: Creative Jewellery and Pawnshop
Address: 46 Brickdam, Stabroek, Georgetown, Region 4, Guyana
Main Contact Tel.: 592-223-8955
Mobile/Other Tel.: 592-231-7878
E-Mail: sales@gxsellit.com
Website: http://www.gxsellit.com
Profile: Need quick Cash? Check us out at Creative Jewellery and Pawnshop.
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